YecWallet is the offical Ycash wallet for Ycash. YecWallet allows you to send / store / receive Ycash.
YecWallet is a y-Addr first, Sapling compatible (Shielded support) wallet and full node for ycashd that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.

YecWallet Releases

YecWallet v2.0.7.1 changes

This release of YecWallet has UX improvements to better explain the ViewKeys feature
Improved error messages and prompts around view keys import and export
Import/Export of Viewkeys without corresponding SpendingKeys
Fix status bar messages

YecWallet v2.0.7 changes

This release contains:
ycashd 2.0.7
Support for Viewing Keys!
• Incoming View Keys for sapling can now be imported and exported through the UI under the File menu. Viewing keys are their associated transactions are stored in the wallet.
Several smaller bugfixes

YecWallet v2.0.6.1 changes

This new version of YecWallet:
Add a new menu item to allow rescanning the blockchain from a specific height. This uses the new rescanblockchain RPC in ycashd
Fix an issue where "new t-address" was sometimes returning a used change address

YecWallet v2.0.6 changes

This new version of YecWallet comes with a lot of new features and bug fixes:
A nullifier migration tool that can reset shared nullifiers with zcash
New getrescaninfo RPC support, that shows progress bar and status during private key import
• Also adds support for specifing startHeight while importing private keys

Support for diversified addresses
Upstream zcash 2.0.6 changes and bug fixes
Fix all tests (boost, gtest and rpc) to work with Ycash. The entire test suite now runs smoothly.

YecWallet v2.0.5.5 changes

This version of YecWallet brings fastsync support.
When you first start YecWallet, you can select the "fastsync" option (checked by default) to improve initial sync speed.
About fastsync
Fastsync is a feature that speeds up initial block synchronization by relying on PoW to verify block integrity instead of checking every single transaction. This mode is useful if you are:

1. Don't have a wallet yet or
2. Plan to import private keys into ycashd at a later stage.
Depending on your CPU and network speed, fastsync can improve the initial sync time by 25% - 33%

YecWallet v2.0.5.4 changes

• Fix an issue where nodes that were still syncing were banning peers

YecWallet v2.0.5.3 changes

• Improvements to the View All addresses button now lets you see all your transparent addresses in a table.

• Right click -> Export private key on the addresses table
• Improved formatting

YecWallet v2.0.5.2 changes

• Some small bug fixes from upstream ZecWallet.
• Add links to Ycash block explorers

YecWallet v2.0.5.1 changes

• This is a bug-fix release of YecWallet that incorporates the latest bug fixes from upstream ZecWallet.