Download Ycash Wallet (YecWallet)

Download YecWallet
(Full node wallet with shielded support for Windows, Linux and Mac)

Export Zcash Private Keys from Zcash Wallets

Make sure that your Zcash wallet allows you to export private keys. (If not, you will not be able to access your Ycash.)
Follow the instructions provided by your Zcash wallet.

If you are using ZecWallet, click on the File menu and choose 'Export all private keys'.

Importing Zcash Private Keys into YecWallet

In YecWallet, click on the File menu and choose 'Import private key'.
You'll be prompted to input your private keys, each private key on a separate line.

It might take several hours to reindex all transactions for imported private keys

How to access Ycash with hardware wallets?

No hardware wallet has announced native support for Ycash.